Comics Compulsion encourages and supports the many different gaming clubs around Christchurch.

Here is a short blurb from each of the supported clubs.


SAGA Inc. is the University of Canterbury’s gaming club. According to our constitution, the aim of SAGA is “to encourage the hobby of gaming, including but not limited to role-playing games, wargames, board games, and card games, and to aid its members in the pursuit of these hobbies.” SAGA is a social club where you can meet other people who share the same interests as you.

Location: We will be meeting on the university campus in the Kirkwood block, on Tuesday and Thursday nights through the year. Our standard bookings are for H5, H7 and H8

Christchurch Wargaming Club

We’re keen on all sorts of gaming of all scales, be it fantasy, historical or sci fi. We have the space and gear to play pretty much anything, plus great food/drink at the bar.

Location: The Christchurch Wargaming Club meets every Thursday 6pm-10pm and Sunday 11am-6pm at the Woolston Club, 43 Hargood Street.