A Shadowline Saga: “Critical Mass” Vol. 1 #4



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Publication date: April 1990


Neushuk reflects on the events of the recent past that have ended up with his loved ones killed and/or missing.

Chapter seven: The Mouth of Truth

Brother Angus decides to don the sacred armor in order to defeat the "dragon", Doctor Zero. Meanwhile, Professor Clerk becomes one step closer to linking all of America’s nuclear power plants into a deadly chain reaction.


General Retler starts to question the motives of Professor Clerk when Clerk is involved in the theft of some ultra-sensitive sensors at a retired ABM facility.

Fissionable Material

Ripley and Victor decide to tell the government what they know about Professor Clerk but quickly realize that the U.S. government itself is involved when soon after a meeting with government officials hitmen are dispatched to kill them. Ripley admits that they will need help to defeat this conspiracy so they decide to enlist the help of the Order and Doctor Zero.

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