Action Comics #17



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UPDATED 1/29/13: o In the lead story, written by Grant Morrison with art by Rags Morales, Brad Walker, Mark Propst, Andrew Hennessy and Cam Smith, it's no small battle as Superman fights to save all of creation! o Plus, in the backup story, written by Sholly Fisch with art by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story, find out whatever happened to the men of tomorrow(s)!

Publication date: April 2013


Superman has a chance to talk to Jonathan Kent one more time.

Superman and the Fiend from Dimension 5

We flash back to the death of Jonathan Kent. In the present, Superman battles Superdoom. The Adult Legion travels back to help stop Vyndktvx. We learn more about how Vyndktvx has been working in the background of Superman’s life. During the battle, Luthor arrives to join the fight against Superdoom.

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