Action Comics #888


Chapter Ten

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Written by GREG RUCKA & ERIC TRAUTMANN Co-feature written by JAMES ROBINSON Art by PERE P REZ Co-feature art by CAFU ACTION COMICS ships twice in April! With Nightwing nowhere in sight, Flamebird comes face-to-face with the rampaging Rao! But can she defeat him by herself? Luckily, it looks like she won’t have to! Enter: Wonder Woman and the Justice Society of America! And in the co-feature, Captain Atom discovers that to complete his journey, he must first travel through the lost world of Skartaris!

Publication date: Early June 2010

Chapter Ten

The attack on Mirabai’s castle continues. Atom and his friends confront Mirabai, but are stopped. Atom is incapacitated and reverted to human form, but with the encouragement of Aggaro, he re-forms and defeats Mirabai.

Truth to Power Part 2

The JSA and Wonder Woman arrive to help fight Jax-Ur/Vohc and his Rao construct, but don’t have much success, as nuclear weapons are about to be used on Rao. Nightwing, in the Phantom Zone, merges with the Nightwing, and arrives in time to stop the nukes.

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