Action Comics #889



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Written by GREG RUCKA & ERIC TRAUTMANN Co-feature written by JAMES ROBINSON Art by PERE P REZ Co-feature art by CAFU With the fate of both New Krypton and Earth weighing on their young shoulders, are Nightwing & Flamebird prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? And in the co-feature, Captain Atom has managed to find a way back to Mirabai’s world, intent on confronting the woman who made him a tool of destruction – but what stunning revelation awaits him there?

Publication date: Late June 2010


After the defeat of Mirabai, Aggaro reveals to Atom that he is Mordru, and thanks him for freeing Sorcerer’s World, promising to always be his friend there (if not on Earth). Zachary Zatara is sent back home, and Atom also returns there.

Truth to Power Finale

While the JSA and Wonder Woman fight Jax-Ur/Vohc, the combined Nightwings and Flamebirds invade the Rao construct, followed by Vohc. Vohc is finally defeated, and the heart of the construct is destroyed. The JSA cleans up while Luthor claims the construct’s body.

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