Aquaman: The Legend of Aquaman


Battle Royal

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Publication date: 2018

Battle Royal

Aquaman summons the sea creatures to break the siege. He abdicates the throne.

The Tide of Battle

The Invaders are thrown out of the city but lay siege. Mera recovers but returns to her own world.

Queen to King’s Seven

Mera, insane with grief over the loss of her baby, attacks Aquaman. She is apparently killed.

Still Waters

Aquaman joins the prison underground seeking to throw off the invaders.


Aquaman returns to Atlantis to find it controlled by unseen invaders.

The Legend of Aquaman

An Atlantean baby born with the deformity of golden hair, the young Aquaman was left to die on Mercy Reef, but survived due to his ability to breathe air. Surviving as a boy in the ocean on his own, he befriends lighthouse keeper Arthur Curry, who takes him in and gives him the name Arthur. Upon his father’s death, young Arthur seeks out and finds Atlantis where he is taken prisoner. He is befriended by Vulko, and upon learning of his mother’s death, he escapes from Atlantis and becomes a hero in the surface world. Years later he returns to Atlantis and becomes king.

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