Archie: Volume 1


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Publication date: 2016

Chapter Five: Klik

Veronica visits Archie in the hospital. Mrs. Andrews agrees that Archie shouldn’t find out that Betty hit the ball that struck Archie. Reggie tells Mr. Lodge about Archie’s mistake.

Chapter Four: The Butler Did It

Smithers helps Reggie read Veronica’s diary, where Reggie finds out how Archie destroyed Mr. Lodge’s house.

Chapter Three: Are You Still Here?

Reggie gives his father’s unpublished story to Mr. Lodge but it doesn’t give him any advantage. Betty rushes to the hospital when she hears Archie was injured by a fly ball.

Chapter Two: Kind of a Big Deal

Chapter One: Betty, Right?

Betty’s home run ball hits Archie, giving him a concussion. Veronica agrees to go for a ride in Reggie’s car, though she doesn’t approve of it. Betty meets Sayid.

Epilogue: 18

Archie has the last laugh.

Chapter Four: Don’t

Archie doesn’t like what Betty and Jughead have done and asks them to leave Veronica’s party.

Chapter Three: This Could Get Messy

Reggie’s plan to make Veronica jealous of Sheila’s interest in Archie backfires.

Chapter Two: So Is a Head of Lettuce

Betty and Jughead enlist Reggie in their plan to break up Archie and Veronica.

Chapter One: Guy Walks Into a Pet Shop

Veronica convinces Archie to help her set up for her big party. Sheila Wu is secretly taking pictures of Archie, and Reggie catches her.

Chapter Three: #LipstickIncident

Archie doesn’t understand the "new" Betty, which humiliates her. Later, Jughead and Betty plot to get Veronica away from Archie.

Chapter Two: Lizzie

Betty’s new friends convince her that she has to become more like a "real" girl.

Chapter One: Yes, of Course We Want to Hear About It. Obviously.

Archie finally decides to tell Jughead about the mysterious Lipstick Incident that led to Archie and Betty’s breakup.

Chapter Four: Parade Float

Betty’s kind gesture is rejected by Veronica. The war is on.

Chapter Three: Who’s Your Chef?

Veronica is humiliated in the cafeteria when she can’t keep the food down.

Chapter Two: Then Taylor Sang to Katie

Archie continues to make a fool of himself over Veronica.

Chapter One: Nice Purse, Andrews

Archie is smitten when Veronica arrives at Riverdale High for the first time.

Archie gets a job constructing the Lodge mansion, which turns into chaos in typical Archie fashion, while Betty has a birthday party and tries to get over her break-up with Archie.

Riverdale High is abuzz with gossip because Archie and Betty have broken up. Kevin and his friends plot to get them back together by having them elected Homecoming King and Queen but Jughead sabotages the plan.

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