Batman: Last Knight on Earth #3


Part Nine: The Doorway

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Publication date: February 2020

Part Nine: The Doorway

In the aftermath of Omega’s defeat, Batman’s allies resume their costumed identities. A rocket from another time and dimension arrives on Earth with a baby Kal-El, who is found by Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Joker.

Part Eight: The Signal

Batman is reunited with his former allies, who as the Court of Owls fight against Omega. To end Omega’s control of Gotham, Batman’s allies head to Arkham Island, where Dick, Barbara, Duke, and Bryce fight against the Arkham villains while Wonder Woman must free Martian Manhunter whom Omega is using to boost his mental control over Gotham. Meanwhile, Batman and the Joker confront Omega at Wayne Tower, where Batman learns Omega’s true identity.

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