Blind Spot


Chapter 1: Double Darkness

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by Naoki Urasawa Tenma discovers two more pieces of the puzzle to Johan's past in Prague – a story about Johan's mother, a beautiful woman taken away by the secret police, and an old recording of Johan as a child. And Tenma knows all too well that Johan is lurking close by when a brilliant young detective of the Prague Police Department is accused of poisoning three of his superiors. Rating: T+

Publication date: October 2007

Chapter 1: Double Darkness

Chapter 2: The Monster’s Afterimage

Chapter 3: Playback

Chapter 4: Contact

Chapter 5: Blind Spot

Chapter 6: Memories of the Magnificent Steiner

Chapter 7: Memories of Hot Cocoa

Chapter 8: The Door to Nightmares

Chapter 9: The Scariest Thing

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