Booster Gold #5


52 Pick-Up, Chapter 5: No Joke

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Written by Geoff Johns & Jeff Katz Art and cover by Dan Jurgens & Norm Rapmund     “52 Pick-Up” continues! Booster Gold has been tasked with preventing the origins of the world's greatest heroes from unraveling. Next up is his greatest challenge yet: preventing one of the most horrific wrongs that's ever befallen a hero in the DC Universe.     Leaping into the pages of BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, Booster attempts to stop a tragedy that he discovers never should've happened – the Joker shooting and paralyzing Barbara Gordon, Batgirl.     Plus, what dark secret is Rip Hunter keeping from Booster?

Publication date: February 2008

52 Pick-Up, Chapter 5: No Joke

Rip Hunter pretends to send Booster back in time to prevent the crippling of Barbara Gordon. But, in fact, Rip is trying to teach Booster that some events, like the killing of Ted Kord cannot be changed. Three visitors to Rip’s lab, however, have a different point of view.

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