Cable Vol. 1 #100



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cover by igor kordey
david tischman (W)/igor kordey (P & I)
• THE SCOOP: The one-man army known as Cable celebrates his 100th
issue with the explosive conclusion of the first story arc by the amazing new
team of David Tischman and Igor Kordey — plus a special 16-page ‘Nuff Said
silent story!
• THE STORY: What happens when ideologues with super powers lose
their belief? Houses explode and wealth is redistributed as the telekinetic
titan unleashes his own brand of justice! Prisoners will not be taken! And in
this issue’s second feature, Cable goes one-on-one with the recently-mutated
Techno-Organic Virus! Can he free himself of the malady that’s plagued his
entire life, or does the virus have a plan of its own?
• THE FORMAT: 64 pages, with ads.

Publication date: February 2002


The fate of the Shining Path and its members. Cable’s first mission ends.

All Good Things…

Cable attempts to rid his body of the techno-organic virus.

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