Cage! #2


Cage! Hunted

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    TRAPPED in the jungle a thousand miles from home, HUNTED by savage beasts that walk like men, Luke's got just one thing going for him: Ain't no cage that can hold Cage! Rated T+

Publication date: January 2017

Cage! Hunted

After warding off villains in No.1 who were aiming to kill him, Cage escapes on the back of a delivery truck. Just as he thinks he is safe, he gets knocked out. No. 2 begins with Cage waking up in a box. He immediately breaks out only to encounter 2 more villains in the shape of human cats trying to kill him. After confrontation, he runs through a metaphorical jungle and into a field of hallucinogenic flowers. Here he finds himself in a state of altered perception and becomes aware of his next foe.

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