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A Funeral on Otherworld

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Publication date: [16 May] 2012

A Funeral on Otherworld

Brian, Linda and Opal are brought to Otherworld to join the rest of the Captain Britain Corps in attending the funeral of Merlyn. Roma explains a little of the experiences that Captain Britain has recently endured and gives him some hope for the future. Luna is returned home and has her revenge on Mandragon. Brian and Linda are returned to earth to continue their lives.


Jaspers and the Fury continue their cosmic battle for supremacy which the Fury ultimately wins. When he returns to reality, the Executioner tries to chop his head off but is electrocuted for his trouble. Battered and bruised, Captain Britain has a final showdown with the Fury but it is Captain U.K. that is finally able to finish him off. Roma teleports the victors to Otherworld.


The Fury arrives to take part in the battle between Captain Britain and James Jaspers. Unhappy that an extraordinarily powerful villain exists to challenge his supremacy, Mad Jim begins an all out battle with the Fury. Roma asks her father about the status of the game only to discover that Merlyn has died.

Anarchy in the UK

Saturnyne finally gets Linda to don her Captain U.K. uniform and agree to help in the fight against Jaspers. Captain Britain tries to battle Mad Jim but has his mind turned inside out and upside down as the villain soundly trounces him.

Among Those Dark Satanic Mills

Even though his heroes are losing, Merlyn refuses to let Roma discontinue the game. Luna, Betsy and company are discovered by the Beetles who cut most of them down. Saturnyne has it out with Linda for not using her Captain U.K. powers to protect her friends and is finally able to provoke a response from the terrified woman. Captain Britain arrives at Jaspers’ lair to confront the villain but finds that Mad Jim has grown powerful enough to play on a cosmic scale.

The Twisted World (Reprise)

Jaspers’ Beetles are digging around the rubble of Braddock manor when they unwittingly free the Fury once again; Cap and company talk about the fact that Jaspers’ reality warping powers have turned England into a totalitarian madhouse with time itself jumping out of sequence; The Vixen decides that Jaspers has gone too far and attempts to assassinate him but has the tables turned on her by the powerful madman.

The Candlelight Dialogues

With James Jaspers’ execution and internment of anyone with super heroic or mutant powers in full swing, two young girls in hiding talk about Captain Britain.

But They Never Really Die

Captain Britain and the Special Executive continue to battle the Fury and are actually able to wound it and bury it in rubble but Cap is pretty sure they haven’t seen the last of the creature. With one of their members dead and no paycheck in sight, the Special Executive leaves earth to continue their mercenary life.

The Sound and the Fury

Linda has fled from Braddock manor only to find the Fury waiting to attack her in the nearby woods. Captain Britain and the Special Executive run outside to help but get soundly trounced. Wardog has his cybernetic arm ripped off and one of Legion’s dupes is killed. In his citadel, Merlyn begins to despair of winning the game as the Fury has arrived as an unknown and unexpected player.

Waiting for the End of the World

Merlyn and Roma look on with concern as their cosmic game begins to spiral out of control. The James Jaspers of Earth-616 begins his campaign to eradicate all superheroes. Thanks to his mutant ability to warp reality, his plans begin to come to fruition very quickly. Captain Britain tries to convince Linda to resume her duties as Captain U.K. but she is terrified of a repeat of the madness Jaspers created in her home reality and runs off, unfortunately, right into the waiting arms of the Fury.


The Fury makes it to earth and begins killing people to repair itself. Saturnyne’s trial has turned into a free-for-all battle with Captain Britain leading the fray. Cap, Luna and the Special Executive escape to earth and everyone moves in to Braddock manor. Linda shows up warning them all of impending genocide.

Rough Justice

Linda McQuillan, an exile from Earth-238 and the former Captain U.K., has terrible nightmares about her home world where the Fury killed all of her friends. Meanwhile, Captain Britain is attending the kangaroo court where Saturnyne is quickly condemned for failing her mission to Earth-238. Cap, who has been restrained thanks to his big mouth, breaks free and starts a fight.

Judgement Day

Captain Britain is forcibly brought to the extra-dimensional trial of Saturnyne by the Special Executive. At first he refuses to testify on her behalf as she once abandoned him in his time of need but, after witnessing her sorry state as a condemned prisoner, he decides to speak up for her. He becomes even more concerned when he discovers that her judge is also her successor to the imperial throne and stands to gain a lot if she is found guilty. Mandragon destroys the universe containing Earth-238 but the Fury escapes.

Executive Action

Four interdimensional beings invade Braddock manor and capture Captain Britain whom they want to testify on behalf of Saturnyne in her upcoming trial.

Killing Ground

The new and improved Slaymaster is no match for the even newer and more improved Captain Britain. The Vixen contacts Arcade and tells him that his agent has failed to kill all of STRIKE’s psi-operatives.

…Thicker than Water

Brian gets a call from his long, lost sister, Betsy, and the two agree to meet. Brian learns that Betsy has been working for the psi-division of STRIKE (the U.K. version of SHIELD) but her group has discovered that agents of the Vixen have taken over the organization and are killing all of Betsy’s friends to keep them silent. Cap confronts the assassin who reveals himself to be Slaymaster.

An Englishman’s Home…

Captain Britain is finally back in his own reality and travels home to Braddock manor. He believed the house to be a shelled out husk but finds it standing intact and pristine. Then he begins to have visions of the past, including one of his dead parents. He quickly discovers that these are holograms projected by the super-computer, Mastermind, who was responsible for his folk’s death. Brian disables the computer and modifies it for his own use. Cap is thrilled to now have a secret base, a super-computer at his disposal and a few minutes to sit back and relax. Then the phone rings.

A Rag, a Bone, a Hank of Hair…

The Fury has killed Captain Britain but Merlyn and Roma put him back together again and send him back to his home reality.

Graveyard Shift

Jaspers explains to Cap how he masterminded the deaths of all superheroes in this reality and why he is currently turning the world upside down. Fearing that he is going mad himself, Cap flees from Jaspers and finds himself in a graveyard of heroes next to the freshly dug grave of Captain U.K. The Fury shows up and blasts him into oblivion, causing his body to fall into the very grave he was contemplating.

A Crooked World

The whole world has gone mad and the British government thinks Captain Britain and Saturnyne are responsible so they activate the Fury, a hero killing cybiote. When the Fury proves too much, even for Cap, Luna and her crew teleport out. The Fury kills Jackdaw but even Cap’s intense rage at seeing his friend cut down is not enough to help him defeat the creature. Cap’s arm is broken in the battle and he is rescued by an unlikely ally, Mad Jim Jaspers.

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