Challengers of the Unknown #10


Broken Spirits

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Publication date: November 1997

Broken Spirits

This is Brenda’s story… A new city is blooming in the desert. It’s designed of radical new materials and will be crime- and pollution-free. Except people keep going mad and seeing ghosts. The Challengers investigate. LSD in the water? Something in the soil? Heat stroke? Brenda is skeptical of ghosts until the room temperature plunges and her DEAD SISTER Eileen appears! Brenda caused her sister’s death driving too fast at age 16. Brenda tried everything occult – tarot cards, ouija boards – to contact Eileen. Finally she abandoned superstition and studied Physics. So she needs a logical explanation. A tower hums as snow falls and ghosts flock. The tower metal is a new NASA alloy that drove astronauts mad. It resonates and gives spirits "quasi-life". The developer goes mad ranting about people he’s crushed. Brenda races for the tower core to set up counter-vibrations, but ghosts block her. Dead Eileen reappears and runs interference. Brenda sets a sensor vibrating and tosses it. The building shakes to pieces. Brenda’s caught in the rubble and dug out by her friends. In her journal, Brenda downplays her visions of Eileen as delusion, her own imaginings… as Eileen’s ghost sits beside her.

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