Challengers of the Unknown #18


Saxon’s Story

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Publication date: July 1998

Saxon’s Story

Background: Saxon (first name Noel) has dogged the Challengers since their inception. He’s an Anti-Challenger resisting all efforts to probe the unknown. When last seen (COTU V3, 9), Saxon was sucked into a Tesla field to who-knows-where… Punks playing at devil worship conjure Saxon back to this world… Saxon visits his dying father and sister in a hospital. A local invites Saxon to a meeting. Lured to the Aristos, cultists of the Eye of the Dark Flame, the flame reveals Saxon’s origin: he was also aboard the jet that crashed, but he turned away from the fierce life-altering light. The flame chooses Saxon as the "Champion of the Endtime!" Saxon rejects demon worship and shoots the place up. Becky is a cultist: she tried to sell Saxon’s soul to save their father. Saxon strangles her. Saxon leaves… His SHADOW gloats. The Challengers are "of the light", but Saxon is "of the dark". Together they’ll destroy the Challs and damn the world!

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