Challengers of the Unknown #2



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Publication date: March 1997


The Challengers appear on Nina Justis’s talk show. She’s famous as an alien abductee, until the Challs show photos of her "abducted" in Aruba, vacationing. Nina vows to get even… Meanwhile, in a unnamed city, drug addicts are dying like flies – then awakening in hospitals and swarming over people. The Challengers are called in, though city officials think they’re "glory hounds". They investigate corpses and find no drugs. Then corpses animate and attack. The Challs follow to the Visigoth Club, where they’re seized by "Emperor Mustafa". They’ll be shot up with zombie drug too. The Challs fight free to the street. Analyzing data on the run, Kenn speculates about mind control through radio subsonics. Swarmed, breaking into an electronics store, Kenn rigs a subsonics machine that drives the zombies away… A SWAT team kicks in the Mayor’s door and arrests him. He’s in with Mustafa for a "social experiment" that would render junkies controllable and useful? Not feasible…

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