Challengers of the Unknown #7


Last Days [Part One]

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Publication date: August 1997

Last Days [Part One]

Intrigue everywhere… While Clay, Brenda, Marlon and Kenn investigate incidents where aircraft disappear and reappear in an instant. Everyone on board saw a brilliant light… Brenda visits an old professor and finds his lab on fire. She’s jumped by Saxon, the Anti-Challenger, but escapes. Minutes later, Saxon kills an assassin gunning for the Challs. Kenn, Marlon, and Brenda take a convertible to the Mojave Desert where the planes blipped out… Marlon meets Rocky Davis and Ed Sands, who founded the new Challs. They’re pulling the franchise… Marlon gets a call from his friends in the desert. Rocky demands they pull out: it’s dangerous to venture there. He and Marlon fly a small plane over the desert and see the Challs’ convertible disappear into a white light. Their plane crashes. Rocky and Marlon, shook up, despair. This is how Rocky’s partners died. Yet, standing before them big as life, are the original Challengers: Ace, Prof, Red, and June. "What do you mean, we died?" Continued…

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