Challengers of the Unknown #8


[Last Days, Part Two] Beginnings and Endings

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Publication date: September 1997

[Last Days, Part Two] Beginnings and Endings

Continuing… In the Mojave Desert, Rocky, the original Challengers, and Marlon duck mercenaries. (Kenn, Clay, and Brenda are dematerialized in their convertible.) They recount the origins of their respective teams: both saw a tremendous light, both planes crashed, both saw a second light as if from Heaven. June and Prof remember differently: they weren’t killed in the explosion of Challenger Mountain, but transported to an alien planet. They lived there until suddenly zapped into Dr. Carcosa’s lab here. They escaped, signalled their friends, met in the desert, and were winked out again (dematerialized) – for five years! Now they’re back and need to scotch Carcosa. They infiltrate the base, pass Tesla generators, and are ambushed by soldiers. Saxon the Anti-Challenger steps out and guns down the mercs. NOW they can reduce the base to rubble… Continued.

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