Challengers of the Unknown #9


[Last Days, Part Three] Through a Glass, Darkly

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Publication date: October 1997

[Last Days, Part Three] Through a Glass, Darkly

Under the Mojave Desert, Rocky explains how Ace, Red, June, and Prof were "vanished" and lost for years. Nabbed by guards, they’re taken to Dr Carcosa. He experiments with Tesla fields and the Earth’s electromagnetic fields. Get them to burp and things vanish. His disappearing ray was originally a government weapon to make planes vanish. Meanwhile, Saxon the Anti-Challenger is shooting up generators and making dials run wild. The Challs jump guards. Prof cranks a dial and, ZOOM! the convertible with Clay, Kenn, and Brenda appears from mid-air. Due to Saxon’s damage, the nuclear reactor is running wild – and it’s INSIDE the Tesla field! Rocky KOs Saxon but is gutshot. Slate’s twin brother drags Saxon into the Tesla field. Somebody must enter the Tesla field to shut down the reactor, or it’ll blow up the state. Wounded Rocky will man the console. Ace, Red, Prof, and June say goodbye and walk into the growing light. Clay grabs Rocky and the new Challs run. The facility blows – because the old Challs shut down the reactor. Except they’re lost somewhere. The young Challengers vow "to make sure there are always Challengers of the Unknown."

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