Chamber Vol. 1 #1


The Hollow Man Chapter One

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cover by chris bachalo brian k. vaughan (W)/lee ferguson (p)/norm rapmund (i) A new 4-issue series straight from the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN! Will the new X-MAN solve the mystery of a hate crime — or become the next victim? Featuring covers by GENERATION X penciler Chris Bachalo! 32 PGS. WITH ADS/FC/MARVEL PG

Publication date: October 2002

The Hollow Man Chapter One

Chamber and Cyclops rescue young Nicholas Gleason from mutant hunters and bring him back to Xavier’s School. Chamber asks to go undercover as a student at Empire State University and look into the deaths of a group of mutants on the campus. He befriends the reptilian looking Amber and has a run in with Magnetic North. He also meets with Gigi Martin, the leader of the Students for Tolerance and the human girlfriend of one of the mutants who was killed. After a long day of sleuthing, Jono heads for bed but is rudely awakened by someone shooting him multiple times in the chest.

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