Chamber Vol. 1 #2


The Hollow Man Chapter Two

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Cover by Chris Bachalo Brian K. Vaughan (w)/Lee Ferguson (p)/Norm Rapmund (i) A new series from the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN! 32 PGS. WITH ADS/FC/MARVEL PG

Publication date: November 2002

The Hollow Man Chapter Two

Chamber wakes up after being shot in the chest in his ESU dorm room to find that the bullets did little harm. He meets up with Amber and tells her of the attack and endures another encounter with Magnetic North. He also tells Gigi of the assault and she points him to the anti-mutant hate group, Purity. Chamber tracks down a member of Purity who has been stalking him and they tussle. The Purity agent informs Jono that the explosion that killed Gigi’s boyfriend was not done by a bomb but by the powers of another mutant.

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