Chamber Vol. 1 #3


The Hollow Man Chapter Three

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Cover By Chris Bachalo Brian K. Vaughan (w)/Lee Ferguson (p)/Norm Rapmund (i) Continuing the new miniseries from the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN! 32 PGS. WITH ADS/FC/MARVEL PG

Publication date: December 2002

The Hollow Man Chapter Three

Chamber tells Amber that the mutant bombing on the ESU campus was probably the fault of a fellow mutant. They investigate the scene of the crime and notice the signs of a strange power signature. Gigi points them to the pro-Magneto mutant group, Magnetic North. Chamber tracks the group down in a club and has it out with the violent mutants who have been giving him such a hard time. Their leader, Neutrino Annihilator, gives Jono props for mopping up the floor with his boys and tells him of the only other mutant on campus who has explosive powers similar to Chamber’s.

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