Chamber Vol. 1 #4


The Hollow Man Conclusion

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Cover By Chris Bachalo Brian K. Vaughan (w)/Lee Ferguson (p)/Norm Rapmund (i) Concluding the adventure from the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN! 32 PGS. WITH ADS/FC/MARVEL PG

Publication date: January 2003

The Hollow Man Conclusion

Chamber rushes back to campus frantically looking for his friend, Amber. He finds her with Gigi, who is holding Amber at gunpoint. Chamber gets the full story as to how Gigi’s mutant boyfriend accidentally killed himself and five other mutants. Gigi has tried to divert blame to anti-mutant groups so that ESU will not close its doors to mutants. Chamber makes the truth public and ESU does, indeed, discontinue their affirmative action policy for mutants. Xavier’s School, however, begins to accept human students on a trial basis and its first enrollee is Jono’s roommate, Walter.

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