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Just Desserts, 3 of 5: Pullet Fiction

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story JOHN LAYMAN art & cover ROB GUILLORY JULY 21 32 PAGES / FC     $2.99 “JUST DESSERTS,” Part Three-Unlucky Number Thirteen! In which we see the return of rogue Cibopath Mason Savoy, a double agent is revealed and a narrative dirty trick is played upon an unsuspecting readership. Plus: what the deal with all those fricken chogs? RETAILER WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES

Publication date: August 2010

Just Desserts, 3 of 5: Pullet Fiction

In a prologue, we see Mason Savoy and Ceasar Valenzano kicking ass and investigating Montero Industries. A year later, Montero produces Poultplus, a chicken substitute, which Tony and John investigate for the FDA. In Montero’s office Tony and John find Ceasar and have a stand off. The FDA raid blows Ceasar’s cover and he rejoins the ranks of the FDA. John does a favor for Tony and investigates Montero’s private residence, where the FDA corners Mason Savoy.

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