Chew #27


A View To A Pill

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story JOHN LAYMAN art & cover ROB GUILLORY “Space Cakes,” Part Two Remember last year when CHEW shocked, confounded and enraged the entire comic book industry and indeed the entire world by printing an issue out of sequence? Here's that issue all over again, in order and in context, and now jam-packed with extras and supplemental material so you'll feel just fine about handing us 299 pennies all over again!

Publication date: June 2012

A View To A Pill

While recovering in the hospital Tony samples a new drug.

Space Cakes, part 2 of 5

The story skips ahead to the future, where Tony lies comatose in a hospital bed and his sister Toni keeps watch. When Caesar Valenzano pays his respects to Tony, Toni recounts to Caesar her recent adventures as an armed NASA agent, where she investigated the theft of some chogs from Jacob Butterfield. The investigation leads to the death of the perpetrator, D-Bear.

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