Chew: Volume 11 The Last Suppers


Chew Revival

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Publication date: May 2016

Chew Revival

Tony and John travel to Wisconsin to find a dead chef’s missing hand.

Chapter 5

The death of Mason Savoy.

Chapter 4

Amelia finds the ending for her book. Mason begins his attack on Tony.

Chapter 3

Mason Savoy takes Agent Chu to the past to show him an advanced race of bird-people that should have evolved into the dominant species on the planet if not for the meteor that destroyed them and the dinosaurs.

Chapter 2

Agents Chu and Colby are sent to rescue Carlton Cardamon from the Church of the Egg. When the arrive they find Mason Savoy waiting for them.

Chapter 1

Olive and Genevieve save the President of the United States from E.G.G.

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