Chew: Volume 3 Just Desserts


Just Desserts, Chapter 5

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Publication date: November 2010

Just Desserts, Chapter 5

Tony goes home for Thanksgiving dinner. John surprizes Tony by crashing the family party and bringing Amelia along. As the family sits down to dinner, they hear a car crash outside. Everyone comes outside to see alien skywriting filling the sky.

Just Desserts, Chapter 4

We get a flashback to Tony’s previous girlfriend, which explains his inability to make a strong commitment to Amelia. The FDA has Mason Savoy cornered, but Mason manages to escape. Caesar continues to feed information to Mason, who decides he must step up the pressure against Tony.

Just Desserts, Chapter 3

In a prologue, we see Mason Savoy and Ceasar Valenzano kicking ass and investigating Montero Industries. A year later, Montero produces Poultplus, a chicken substitute, which Tony and John investigate for the FDA. In Montero’s office Tony and John find Ceasar and have a stand off. The FDA raid blows Ceasar’s cover and he rejoins the ranks of the FDA. John does a favor for Tony and investigates Montero’s private residence, where the FDA corners Mason Savoy.

Just Desserts, Chapter 2

Agent Tony Chu goes undercover with D-Bear, an FDA snitch, to investigate a cock-fighting ring that might include the infamous Poyo.

Just Desserts, Chapter 1

Tony busts the Bon Vivants dinner of exotic and rare foods (including Wooly Mammoth) while on his first date with Amelia.

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