Chew: Volume 6 Space Cakes


Space Cakes, Chapter 5

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Publication date: December 2012

Space Cakes, Chapter 5

As Toni and Paneer prepare for their wedding, Toni is kidnapped, interrogated, tortured and ultimately killed by the Vampire.

Space Cakes, Chapter 4

Toni, Caesar and John investigate Judy’s Beauties Beauty Salon which is able to transform the appearance of anyone with a special food preparation.

Space Cakes, Chapter 3

John Colby, Poyo and Caesar team up to free Professor Angus Hinterwald from a terrorist group. Professor Angus Hinterwald had discovered a gene which caused decomposing cattle meat to explode.

Interlude: Secret Agent Poyo

Recounts Poyo’s cybernetic augmentation, early missions and then spoils Dr. Albrecht Regenbogen plot to make farm animals rain down from the sky.

Space Cakes, Chapter 2

The story skips ahead to the future, where Tony lies comatose in a hospital bed and his sister Toni keeps watch. When Caesar Valenzano pays his respects to Tony, Toni recounts to Caesar her recent adventures as an armed NASA agent, where she investigated the theft of some chogs from Jacob Butterfield. The investigation leads to the death of the perpetrator, D-Bear.

Space Cakes, Chapter 1

Toni helps Chow gain revenge on his rival Barnabas.

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