Chew: Volume 7 Bad Apples


Bad Apples, Chapter 5

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Publication date: August 2013

Bad Apples, Chapter 5

Tony takes down a Hortamagnatroph who can grow fruits and vegetables of enormous sizes. John Colby captures Mason Savoy.

Bad Apples, Chapter 4

Tony meets the Vampire. Mason and John take on Dave Eccles who takes on the form of whatever he’s last eaten.

Bad Apples, Chapter 3

Tony goes on a mission with the Navy to Yamapalu to apprehend Oscar Chalaza the second in command of the cult of the Immaculate Ova.

Bad Apples, Chapter 2

Tony, John and Caesar take down a Torta-Espadero holding hostages in a Mexican restaurant. John figures out that Caesar has been working with Mason.

Bad Apples, Chapter 1

At Toni’s funeral Tony recalls his wife’s funeral. Tony is reinstated to the FDA and investigates a health club where the patrons are self-combusting. Tony and John trace the cause back to a soda company with ties to the egg worshiping cult.

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