Chew: Volume 8 Family Recipes


Family Recipes, Chapter 5

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Publication date: March 2014

Family Recipes, Chapter 5

Tony and John, while tripping on hallucinogens, make the biggest chicken bust in history.

Family Recipes, Chapter 4

Olive and Amelia infiltrate the FDA to get the special ingredient for the recipe that was left by Toni Chu before her death.

Family Recipes, Chapter 3

Mason Savoy gets to Ray Jack Montero, learns his secrets, and escapes from prison.

Family Recipes, Chapter 2

Tony helps Chow take down Ken Keebler, an eroscibopictaros aka a food pornographer. Meanwhile John Colby visits Mason Savoy in prison.

Family Recipes, Chapter 1

A special flashback tale recounting Toni’s adventure with Sage Chu taking down Don Frederico Biscotti.

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