Chew: Volume 9 Chicken Tenders


Warrior Chicken Poyo

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Publication date: February 2015

Warrior Chicken Poyo

Poyo travels to another dimension to free people from the attacks of giant evil vegetables.

Chicken Tenders, Chapter 5

Tony discovers John’s treachery.

Chicken Tenders, Chapter 4

John Colby and a group of FDA agents attempt to take on the Collector with disastrous results.

Chicken Tenders, Chapter 3

John Colby and Mason Savoy take Olive on a mission to find out the location of The Collector.

Chicken Tenders, Chapter 2

Tony is sent to an undersea facility to find out which scientist killed Sammi the Seal. John Colby and Director Applebee have their wedding reception.

Chicken Tenders, Chapter 1

While at an FDA convention in Las Vegas, Tony and Amelia get married. Tony is called to help retrieve a stolen weapon from the FDA before it can fall into the hands of the Collector.

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