Coup D’etat: Afterword #1


Season Two Prelude

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Written by Mike Carey, Ed Brubaker, and various; ART by Whilce Portacio, Sean Phillips, Carlos D’Anda, Chris Brunner, and various; COVER by portacio EYE OF THE STORM. In stores March 10.  As the dust settles from last month’s massive COUP D’ TAT crossover, here’s a primer for where things stand in the Wildstorm Universe!  Featuring character bios and art by a host of Wildstorm’s finest artists, plus two 6-page previews of upcoming Eye of the Storm books: WETWORKS, by Mike Carey & Whilce Portacio, and SLEEPER SEASON TWO, by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips!  For more information, see the feature article. mature readers FC, 32 pg

Publication date: May 2004

Season Two Prelude

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