Coup D’Etat Storm watch Team Achilles #2 (of 4)


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Written by Micah Ian Wright; art by Carlos D’Anda; covers by D’Anda and Lee Bermejo EYE OF THE STORM.  In stores February 11.  The weekly 4-part saga continues! StormWatch leader Ben Santini’s greatest nightmare is now reality, forcing Team Achilles underground to plot the overthrow of a super-dictatorship.  It’s the battle everyone’s been waiting to see: Stormwatch vs. The Authority!  Will Santini’s plan affect Earth’s mightiest super-team?  And how far is he willing to go to succeed?  For more information, see the feature article.  Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers.  All orders will be filled with covers by Carlos D’Anda (50%) and Lee Bermejo (50%). MATURE READERS FC, 32 pg. (2 of 4)

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