Coup D’Etat: Wildcats Version 3.0 #1


Henhouse Confidential

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Written by Joe Casey; art by Al Garza and Trevor Scott; covers by Garza and Lee Bermejo EYE OF THE STORM.  In stores February 18.  The action heats up as the 4-part Eye of the Storm event continues!  The interdimensional victims of Tao’s scheme launch a surgical strike on a major metropolitan center.  In a bloody counterattack, the Authority fight back, but will it be enough?  Meanwhile, Jack Marlowe and his covert team of Wildcats look on in anticipation.  Will the Halo Corporation survive this coup?  Will Marlowe bring his formidable powers to bear on the aliens in service of humanity?  For more information, see the feature article.  Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers.  All orders will be filled with covers by Al Garza (50%) and Lee Bermejo (50%). MATURE READERS FC, 32 pg. (3 of 4)

Publication date: April 2004

Henhouse Confidential

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