Crossing Midnight #2


The Shrine Part 2 of 3

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Written by Mike Carey Art by Jim Fern & Mark Pennington Cover by J.H. Williams III     The shocking new horror series written by the critically acclaimed Mike Carey (LUCIFER, X-Men) and featuring the breakout art of Jim Fern (FABLES) and Mark Pennington (SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN) continues. In the heart of Japan, twins Toshi and Kai desperately try to stay one step ahead of their terrifying fates. But as Toshi finds herself crossing lines to protect their family, Kai will learn how far the curse that afflicts them really stretches.

Publication date: February 2007

The Shrine Part 2 of 3

The Hara twins cannot explain the death of their dog to the police. Aratsu continues to pursue Kai. Toshi learns of an old family legend from his grandmother, and leter sees Saburo, who takes him on a trip through the sewers to encounter a dragon

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