D.P. 7 Vol. 1 #27


The Ditch

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Publication date: January 1989

The Ditch

In exchange for dropping criminal charges, the military sends Dave on a mission to the Pitt with two other paranormals, Pvt. Darrell "Dirtbag" Schissell and Pvt. Hamilton "Bliss" Hart. Learning about this, Randy goes AWOL to try and save Dave. At the Pitt, the three paranormals discover that their mission was a set-up for them to die. Schissell kill Hart for his rations then goes after Dave. During the battle, Schissell dies after being struck in the head by flying rocks stirred up by his powers. Flying over the Pitt looking for Dave, Randy is rendered immobile after being struck by "Pitt juice". Dave finds an immobile Randy in the path of lava and comes to his rescue. After being debrief on the failed Brazil mission, Stephanie returns to her house to find that Chuck has run out on her and taken the children with him.

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