D.P. 7 Vol. 1 #28


The Candidate

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Publication date: February 1989

The Candidate

After Stephanie recovers her children, Jenny meets up with Merriam, Charlotte and her to inform them that the C.I.A. has a job that calls for them to spy on presidential candidate, Philip Nolan Voigt, in New York. As they are monitoring him, he appears in their hotel room and uses his powers to take control of their minds, commanding them to not tell their superiors about him, to obey all of his orders, tell no one of their meeting, and to vote for him in November. Now AWOL, Randy and Dave head to New York City to seek out Voigt who unleashes the women upon them when they arrive at Voigt’s headquarters. Randy and Dave are defeated and Voigt warns them that if they interfere again, he will order the women to commit suicide.

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