Dan Dare Omnibus: Volume 1


7: The Price of Admiralty

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Written by GARTH ENNIS Art by GARY ERSKINE His beloved Space Fleet long-disbanded and his friends scattered to the winds, Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, lives far from home in self-imposed exile. But in the black depths of space, something ancient and terrible is stirring. A long-forgotten enemy is coming back, with an army of demonic beasts and a secret weapon that threatens reality itself. Garth Ennis (The Boys) and Gary Erskine (Hypersonic) revisit the classic British comic character in an epic tale of courage and sacrifice, as old adversaries clash head-on and a battle is fought in the stars to decide the fate of billions.

Publication date: 2009

7: The Price of Admiralty

6: A Little Touch of Harry in the Night

5: The Lights of a Perverted Science

4: The Fighting Temeraire

3: The Whites of Their Eyes

2: If You Were At Waterloo

1: Under an English Heaven

As the Prime Minister attempts to coax Dan Dare out of retirement, the fleet is attacked.

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