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by J. Scott Campbell & Andy Hartnell; art by Campbell, Chiodo
& Adams; FLIP covers by Campbell, Chiodo, & Adams
Cliffhanger Productions’ popular Danger Girl series has inspired
readers everywhere with its stylish non-stop action and adventure. Now, for the
first time anywhere, co-writers J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell are joined
by artists Joe Chiodo and Art Adams for exciting stories of their unforgettable
creation in an extra-length “flip-book,” the Danger Girl Special!
Originally offered by Dynamic Forces but never published, the Danger Girl
Special was initially intended as a one-shot showcasing a 12-page Danger
Girl story written by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell and pencilled by
Art Adams (Monkeyman & O’Brien, Tom Strong). Now that story is
joined by another 12-pager — this one written by Campbell and Hartnell,
laid out by Campbell and painted by acclaimed “good-girl” artist Joe Chiodo
(The Mechanic) — in an extra-length Special. Rounding out the
Danger Girl Special are dangerous pinups of the whole Danger Girl
cast of characters by some of today’s hottest artists, including Jim Lee, J.
Scott Campbell, Michael Turner, David Mack, Adam Warren, Alex Garner, and more,
all adding up to a Special no Danger Girl reader will want to be without!
FC, 40pg

Publication date: February 2000

The Mod Bods

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