Daredevil: Man Without Fear #43 (423)


Lowlife Part 3

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Covers By Alex Maleev Brian Michael Bendis (w)/Alex Maleev (p & i) “Lowlife” continues with two mind-blowing, pulse-racing issues this month! Matt Murdock’s defense of his secret identity takes a huge turn… for the worse! (Retailers: Don’t forget the new readers who jumped onboard with the 25-cent issue!) 32 PGS. WITH ADS (each)/FC/MARVEL PG

Publication date: April 2003

Lowlife Part 3

Mr. Rosenthal’s body is found. Milla and Matt decide to go on a date, but Foggy tries to talk his friend out of it. Matt asks Cage to help him with the Owl situation and gets a good reprimand, “Sweet Christmas” style.

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