Deadline Vol. 1 #2 (of 4)


Deadline, Part 2

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painted cover by greg horn
bill rosemann (W)/guy davis (p & I)
• THE SCOOP: What’s it really like to be a reporter the Daily Bugle?
Find out in an urban thriller illustrated by Guy Davis (The Marquis)!
• THE STORY: Where do super-villains go when they get injured in a
fight? Who doesn’t want the mystery of Michael Hart’s murder solved? And what
really happened the night that The Judge was born? Kat delves into all of these
questions on the hunt for the story that will either make her career — or end
her life!
• THE BUZZ: “I’m quite excited about DEADLINE, since I’m a fan of
journalism stories and the ‘man on the street’ viewpoint that this one boasts —
and I’m an enormous fan of Guy Davis’s artwork.” -Randy Lander,
• THE FORMAT: This issue of the monthly, 4-issue mini-series is 40
pages, with ads.

Publication date: July 2002

Deadline, Part 2

Jay Leno & Spider-Man: One Night Only! (Don’t Forget to Tip Your Waitress) Part One

Spider-Man films a G.M. commercial with Jay Leno.

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