Deadline Vol. 1 #4 (of 4)


Deadline, Part 4

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painted cover by greg horn
bill rosemann (W)/guy davis (p & I)
• THE SCOOP: The shocking climax to this CSN “Hot Pick”
• THE STORY: Can Daily Bugle reporter Kat Farrell figure out who
killed The Judge? Who’s her anonymous guardian angel? And what’s up with her
goldfish? All of the answers are waiting for you in the urban thriller’s
chilling conclusion!
• THE BUZZ: “I’ll admit, your average reader may pass over this
excellent, well-written, lavishly illustrated comic just because it’s not like
other titles. But if you’re one of those readers, you owe it to yourself to give
DEADLINE a try.” – Aint It Cool News
• THE FORMAT: The final issue of the monthly, four-part series is 32
pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.

Publication date: September 2002

Deadline, Part 4

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