Doctor Strange: A Nameless Land, A Timeless Time


The End — at Last!

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Publication date: July 2014

The End — at Last!

Using his mystic powers to temporarily bind the sleeping Eternity Dormammu lures Strange to another dimension and challenges him but as they begin their mystical combat Eternity breaks free. He tells Dormammu to end the violence, but instead he attacks Eternity. Their encounter is brief and destructive as Dormammu is smashed between two colliding spheres. Eternity vanishes while Strange is hurled between dimensions and rescued by The Ancient One. Strange releases all those who were banished by him, including Baron Mordo and Clea, who he affectionately bids farewell to for the time being.

To Catch a Magician!

Mr. Rasputin, descendant of the original, amasses magical & scientific knowledge in his goal of world domination. Sensing an evil presence Strange finds Rasputin who soon realizes he cannot match Strange’s magic and shoots him. A hospitalized Strange informs the police about Rasputin but when they fail to find him Strange realizes he may have taken refuge at his sanctum! As Strange investigates a hit-man Rasputin hired enters the hospital to finish the job. Strange emerges victorious erasing all memory of magic from Rasputin and forcing he & his henchman to confess their crimes to the police.

Where Man Hath Never Trod!

Dormammu uses Asti to lure Strange into an alien dimension where he will be under no vow to spare him. The Ancient One takes Strange to the ruler of a dimension who has senses one of Dormammu’s spells in a far-off corner of infinity. There, Dormammu contacts Tazza, and claims that Strange is coming there to kill him. The two battle to a standstill, until Strange convinces Tazza he only seeks information– and forces the release of Tazza’s various prisoners, who are grateful for his help. Both Dormammu & Strange mentally prepare for a coming “final combat” between them.

With None Beside Me!

Strange hides his bound body in a rooftop water tank, as The Demon & his men search for him. At their HQ, Strange retrieves his Cloak Of Levitation, and uses it to capture one of Mordo’s men. But his body has been found by the witch. The complex cat-and-mouse game continues until Strange finally regains control of his body and Amulet, and he hypnotizes Mordo’s minions into forgetting all they know of black magic. Now he is free again to focus on the remaining threat of Dormammu, and the missing Clea…

Those Who Would Destroy Me!

Realizing Mordo’s presence has been erased from his sanctum Strange suspects fowl play, disposing of a hidden bomb just before it explodes. Stunned by the blast Mordo’s minions imprison him so that he cannot use his magic. Strange attempts to telepathically contact The Ancient One, but fails because his spirit form is searching for the missing Clea. While Mordo’s minions study Strange’s cloak & amulet The Demon tries to probe his mind but Strange is stronger and instead takes control of him. Fighting desperately Strange barely escapes his captors and remains virtually helpless in spirit form.

Let There Be Victory!

Dormammu consigns Mordo to the Dimension of Demons. Strange declares he is able to continue the fight and manages to best him in combat! Dormammu swears not to attack Earth. Back in The Ancient One’s home, Hamir prepares a banquet for Strange & his master. Dormammu banishes Clea to a place where Strange can never find her. The Ancient One assures Strange that there are many who may now be able to help in his search for the girl. The Mystic Globe shows traces of leftover evil spreading. Mordo’s Demon & 2 disciples leave a trap for Strange: a bomb! Strange returns unaware of the danger.

The Pincers of Power!

Dormammu sends Strange, Mordo & The Ancient One to a neutral dimension. He then uses a sleeping potion on the Mindless Ones, so his domain will be temporarily safe and summons rulers of nearby dimensions. Dormammu arrives to challenge Strange in person to battle for total mastery of Earth! Strange accepts, then Dormammu declares they shall fight using only the “Pincers Of Power”, and no other spells or incantations. This way, it will be a battle of skill, not power. The battle is fierce– but when it appears Strange is about to overcome his adversary, Mordo strikes Strange from behind…

Beware…! Dormammu Is Watching!

The Ancient One is revealed to be Dormammu’s captive. Dr. Strange’s mentor tells Strange he must fight on but can only expect token aid. Dormammu forces Clea to watch Strange’s defeat. Strange and Mordo square off and battle. After a time, Dormammu grows frustrated at how Mordo has been out-fought and prepares to strike personally.

If Eternity Should Fail!

In another dimension that defies description, Dr. Strange comes face-to-face with Eternity, who learns that Strange is indeed worthy of The Ancient One’s trust. He knows that if Mordo & Dormammu are not stopped, all mankind will be in jeopardy. But after all Strange has been thru, Eternity tells him he already has the power he needs. Feeling dejected, Strange returns to the cave to find his master gone. Mordo’s spirits lead him to Mordo, who tells Strange “The game is lost!”

When Meet the Mystic Minds!

Desperate to learn the secret of “Eternity”, Dr. Strange probes the unconscious mind of The Ancient One, meeting one deadly trap after another, until at last, he reaches the mind of his beloved Master, and convinces him of his identity and good intentions. After recovering, Strange departs, and high atop a Himalayan peak, recites “one of the most potent spells of all time”. When he’s finished, his amulet floats into the air, expands in size, and a doorway opens– thru which Strange steps. Seconds after the amulet vanishes, Mordo appears, just barely too late to catch up with his mortal enemy.

What Lurks Beneath the Mask?

Dormammu imprisons Clea, telling her she will witness Strange’s defeat. Mordo tells Dormammu that Strange is searching for “Eternity” and is puzzled by the dark lord’s violent reaction. Strange continues his search, going from one mystic to another with no results, until The Aged Genghis tells him only he and The Ancient One know the secret. He gives him a scroll, which leads Strange to a being imprisoned in another dimension; a trap he barely escapes. Back in Tibet, Strange tells his master’s servant the only option left is to enter the mind of The Ancient One.

Eternity Beckons!

In London, seeking info on “Eternity”, Dr. Strange goes to the secluded home of Sir Baskerville, a former disciple of Mordo’s, who greets him as an old friend. Meanwhile, Dormammu discovers that Clea set the Mindless Ones free and swears she will pay for her betrayal. Baskerville contacts Mordo, who sends an emissary to trap Strange but it backfires, allowing Strange to discover that Dormammu is the one behind Mordo’s attacks and increased power. Strange hypnotizes Mordo’s spirits into believing he’s fled to the Netherworld, but by the time Mordo arrives, Strange has fled once more…

Earth Be My Battleground

Dr. Strange returns to earth but remains in hiding. Mordo’s spirits discover Strange and pursue him. Meanwhile Clea distracts Dormammu by freeing The Mindless Ones. They attack, causing Dormammu to leave Mordo on his own. Strange flies into space and straight into the sun, the spirits fleeing and Mordo worried that it might spell his doom. Strange returns to The Ancient One, who in his weak, delirious condition, speaks of “Eternity.” Dormammu secures his domain but wonders if someone has betrayed him. Clea fears she may be found out while Dr. Strange begins to search for “Eternity.”

A Nameless Land, a Timeless Time!

Strange plummets through dimension after dimension, before finally coming to a stop in a world ruled by Shazana, a female tyrant who once conned a wizard into giving her some of his powers, which she repaid by destroying him. Believing her sister has recruited Strange to overthrow her, she battles Strange into submission. Allowing himself to be imprisoned so he can recover from his earlier battle with Mordo, Strange gets the lay of the land, then helps Shazana’s sister overcome the evil ruler, destroying the source of her power even as he uses it to begin his journey back home.

Face-to-Face at Last With Baron Mordo!

Dr. Strange reaches his Greenwich Village home safely but discovers one of Mordo’s followers has taken over his sanctum. In a hidden cave in Tibet The Ancient One’s servant questions the meaning of his ailing master’s word “Eternity”. Strange bluffs his way into his sanctum but when he attempts to consult the All-Seeing Eye he discovers it’s been booby-trapped, sending a signal to Mordo and Dormammu of his whereabouts. Strange battles Mordo, but soon realizes his foe is more powerful than usual; when Dormammu speaks through Mordo he comprehends why as he vanishes from sight.

The Hunter and the Hunted!

In the far East, Strange is on the run from Mordo and his minions, unaware that Mordo’s increased power comes from Dormammu. As Mordo forcibly recruits more followers to search for Strange the mage makes plans to hop a plane to New York City. The Wraiths discover him, and only by conning them into believing he’s vanished is he able to make his getaway.

The Defeat of Dr. Strange

Dormammu agrees to give Mordo power without limit so that he may destroy Dr. Strange. In Tibet, Mordo and two followers attack. Strange manages to whisk his aging mentor to safety. As Strange leaves his mentor with a loyal hermit, Dormammu sends spirits to search for him. Strange attempts to lure the spirits away from his weakened mentor. In Hong Kong, Strange contacts The Ancient One’s accountant, who gets him a passport while he rests. Before long, Strange is surrounded by Mordo’s minions, and after a short battle, is on the run again.

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