Electric Girl: Volume 1


The Origin of Electric Girl

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Publication date: 2000

The Origin of Electric Girl

Oogleeoog gives Virginia nightmares

Virginia’s electrical powers short out due to the Summer humidity.

Oogleeoog struggles to protect Virginia from a kidnapper while still fulfilling his mischief quota.

Blammo chases after flies.

Virginia fights an animal-controlling environmentalist.

Virginia accidentally causes Professor Flosznik’s robot to run amok. Monique gets an internship.

In the Supermarket

Virginia stops a robbery

Virginia and Monique help a pair of zombie lovers get revenge on the restaurant whose food killed them.

Flashback to when Virginia first got her dog Blammo.


Virginia jump starts a stranger’s car.

Oogleeoog feeds Blammo

Virginia meets a toddler-genius and his talking dog.

“Welcome to the very first issue of Electric Girl”

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