Fables: Volume 22 Farewell


Goodbye and Goodnight

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Publication date: 2015

Goodbye and Goodnight

The Last Snow and Bigby Story

The Last Death Story

The Last Frankie Story

In a Castle Dark

The Last Toy Story

The Summer Prophecy. “The Seventh Lives to Ages Old, and Is by Heaven Blessed.”

The Summer Prophecy. “The Sixth Will Judge the Rest.”

The Summer Prophecy. “The Fifth Will Be a Hero Bold.”

The Summer Prophecy. “The Fourth Will Die to Stop Her.”

The Summer Prophecy. “The Third Will Do an Evil Thing.”

The Summer Prophecy. “The Second Child a Pauper.”

The Summer Prophecy. “The First Child Will Be a King”

Blue Skies, Blue Moon, Blue Suede Shoes and Forever Blue. Being the Last Boy Blue Story.

The Last Story of Many Fables

The Last Christmas Story

The Last Lake Story

The Last Geppetto Story

The Last Pinocchio Story

The Last Snow Queen Story

The Last Clara Story


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