Fables: Volume 9 Sons of Empire


Who Caught the Bouquet at Snow White’s Wedding?

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Collecting FABLES #52-59! Pinocchio suffers seriously divided loyalties between his father, the evil Adversary, and his fellow Fable refugees in New York. Plus, Bigby Wolf reluctantly decides it’s finally time to square accounts with his long-estranged father, the North Wind, and makes a journey with Snow White and their kids to find him. Advance-solicited; on sale June 13

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Publication date: 2007

Who Caught the Bouquet at Snow White’s Wedding?

How Many Romantic Conquests Has Prince Charming Had?

Who Was Prince Charming’s First Love?

What Is Frau Totenkinder Knitting?

What Song Was Playing When Snow and Bigby First Danced Together at the Remembrance Day Ball?

What Is Boy Blue’s Favorite Song?

Besides Fly, Who Else has Asked Questions of the Magic Mirror?

How Are the New Three Little Pigs Adjusting to Being Pigs?

What is Training Like for a New Member of the Mouse Police?

Did Jack Leave Anyone Messages Before He Left Fabletown Forever?

How Does Bufkin Keep Getting His Hands on the Liquor?

Did Hakim Ever Manage to Get a Regular Job?

Father and Son, Chapter Two: Big Scary Monsters!

Bigby goes down to the valley to rescue the children while Snow White waits in the castle and learns more about Mr. North.

Father and Son, Chapter One: A Man’s Home Is His Castle

Bigby and Snow White take the children for their first visit to their grandfather Mr. North’s castle and the children stray into trouble.

Jiminy Christmas

Santa answers Ambrose’s question, arranges Flycatcher to become human again– with his memories intact–, and hands Bigby the latest lists for safekeeping before returning to the North Pole.

The Road to Paradise

The Three Blind attempt to journey to Smalltown, which — according to the legends — is a mysterious town of exotic mouse maidens.

Sons of Empire, Chapter Four: Over There

Pinnochio explains to the war-mongers why a war against the Mundys and the Fabletowners would be disastrous for all involved.

A Thorn in Their Side?

Kevin Thorne goes about his typical day, but is secretly looking for information on the community of people that live on Bullfinch Street and Kipling Street.

Sons of Empire, Chapter Three: The Burning Times

The Emperor’s ambassador Hansel arrives in Fabletown to ensure dimplomatic talks. But his very presence and troubling history arouse several Fabletown residents, including Frau Totenkinder, the first witch Hansel killed.

Porky Pine Pie

A porcupine convinces a human maiden to kiss him, thereby breaking an evil witch’s spell.

Sons of Empire, Chapter Two: The Four Plagues

Wherein the forces of the Emperor decide upon a ten-year war on the Mundy World with the Four Plagues: Pestilence, Fire, Winter, and Famine. A traitor is sent from the War Council to Fabletown as a peace envoy, and Bigby asks a fast rabbit for help training the cubs how to hunt.


Sons of Empire, Chapter One: Some Ideas Toward the Project of a Final Solution for Fabletown

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