Fantastic Four #11 (2014)


East of Eden Part Three

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• While fighting a rogue's gallery of powerhouse villains in prison BEN GRIMM finds an unlikely ally. •  With the information he's learned, JOHNNY STORM'S best friend WYATT WINGFOOT is in danger, hunted by a mysteriously familiar bowman. Who can help Wyatt in his hour of need… •  …maybe Johnny's other best friend, the friendly neighborhood SPIDER-MAN! Rated T

Publication date: December 2014

East of Eden Part Three

Wyatt and Jennifer agree to find out who is behind the dismantling of the Fantastic Four. Wyatt is attacked by an archer but Spider-Man steps in to save the day. Ben is attacked in the shower by Mountain Man, Vermin, Mandrill and Man-Bull but Sandman discretely lends a hand.

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