Fantastic Four #14


Back in Blue

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• The team begins their hunt for the missing REED RICHARDS as the ALL-NEW INVADERS seek the missing children of the FUTURE FOUNDATION. •  Meanwhile the villain who is behind everything reveals his motives to Reed stretch far back into REED AND SUE'S PAST. •  VALERIA comes back to America. But whose side is she on? Rated T+

Publication date: February 2015

Back in Blue

The Quiet Man reveals himself as the villain behind the FF’s troubles. He displays the ability to change his face at will and assume many identities including John Eden and Aiden Toliver. The heroes from Franklin’s Pocket Universe are under his control and are poised to execute the final part of his master plan.

Flashback sequence to Sue’s and Reed’s college days as observed by the villain that’s been calling himself John Eden.

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