Fantastic Four #4 (2014)


The Fall of the Fantastic Four Part Four

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“THE FALL OF THE FANTASTIC FOUR” PART 4 •  FLAME OFF!!! JOHNNY STORM has lost his powers! •  The HUMAN TORCH is no more!!! •  With one member down, a new threat emerges — the WRECKING CREW…with powers mysteriously elevated to A-level destruction as they team-up with the WIZARD to be a new, devastating version of the FRIGHTFUL FOUR! •  And as BEN and ALICIA'S romance rekindles, so looms the PUPPET MASTER with dark plans for both of them. •  All this and the return of FF members ANT MAN, MS. THING and SHE-HULK.

Publication date: July 2014

The Fall of the Fantastic Four Part Four

The Fantastic Four reinforced by Ant-Man, She-Hulk and Ms. Thing fight off and capture the new Frightful Four (Wizard, Wrecker, Bulldozer and Thunderball). However, S.H.I.E.L.D. blocks them from entering the Baxter Building and hands them a court summons.

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