Fantastic Four #5 (2014)


The Fall of the Fantastic Four Part Five

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“THE FALL OF THE FANTASTIC FOUR” PART 5 – Super-Sized issue! •  The Baxter Building is quarantined and shut down! •  The Fantastic Four held accountable for the destruction in Manhattan! •  A major turning point for the team and a dire blow to the family! •  The trial of the century featuring an all-star roster of guest artists!

Publication date: July 2014

The Fall of the Fantastic Four Part Five

The Fantastic Four are on trial for their past actions and Jennifer Walters is their lawyer.
Meanwhile, Dr. Doom defeats Count Nefaria to show Valeria that he can do good. The Future Foundation kids are transported to Camp Hammond (now designated S.H.I.E.L.D Base Designation 4201) to be under Jim Hammond’s care.

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